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Palm Bay Residences

Palm Bay Residences - located in Barangay Simpocan West of Puerto Princesa City. Less than an hour drive from Puerto Princesa City via the Bacungan way. This subdivision has its own beachfront. Residential lot prices starts from P4,500 per sqm and commercial lots from P6,500 per sqm. 


Subdivision with Beachfront

If you fancy a property that is close to the beach at affordable prices, then Palm Bay Residences is the one for you. 

Pawikan and Waterfalls 

The beach at Palm Bay Residences is not just a place for people to relax and enjoy but it is also a place for sea turtles to lay their eggs. The Simpocan Marine Turtle Conservation save the locally known turtles as Pawikan to increase the population of the endangered sea turtles. Just a kilometer away from Palm Bay Residences is the popular Tagkuriring Waterfalls. 

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Sample Computation

Example: 100 sqm residential lot on 36 months payment term

100 sqm at P4,500 per sqm

Total contract price: P450,000

No Downpayment

Reservation Fee*: P20,000 (will be deducted from the total contract price)

Balance: P430,000

Year 1 monthly: P11,944.45

Year 2 & 3 monthly: P13,377.78

For details of available lots please complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page or email us on

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