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City Prime Residences

City Prime Residences is located in the capital city of Puerto Princesa and is just few minutes away from Puerto Princesa International Airport. Residential lots prices start from P6,000 per sqm and commercial lots from P10,000 per sqm. Lot sizes are from 100 sqm to 400 sqm. The City Prime Residences subdivision is overlooking Honda Bay and is just half kilometer away from the popular "Rancho ni Mitra".

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Your Home in the City

City Prime residences is only few kilometers away from a number of popular tourist destinations in the city, such as Honda Bay, Mitra's Ranch, Bakers Hill, Butterfly Gardens and Crocodile farm. Great place for people who like a bit of a rural ambience in the urban area with an easy access to the city centre and the airport. 

Overlooking Honda Bay

Lots overlooking Honda Bay from P8,000 per sqm. Typical lot size is 100sqm but you can choose 2 or more plots if you prefer a bigger lot area. 

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Sample Computation

Example: 100 sqm residential lot on 36 months payment term

100 sqm at P6,000 per sqm

Total contract price: P600,000

No Downpayment

Reservation Fee*: P30,000 (will be deducted from total contract price)

Balance: P570,000

Year 1 monthly: P15,833.34

Year 2 & 3 monthly: P17,733.34

For details of available lots please complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page or email us on

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